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Types of Photorealistic Rendering Services

Product designers use 3D rendering to show customers and clients what something might look like before it’s made. Almost all breakthrough designs today have a photorealistic 3D rendered virtual predecessor that may be iterated a number of times before the product is put together in actuality. Architects, designers, and furniture manufacturers use 3D renderings for buildings, room designs, and products, respectively. Well-known retailers now offer 3D visualization to consumers to reduce returns and augment sales. Customers can try a product before they make the decision to pay for the product by virtually placing it in their home environment to see it in different views and change colors, fabric, and finishes by fiddling with a computer without even stepping out of their home.

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In recent times, photorealistic rendering is considered a primary component in architectural and product modelling where it has a great impact on marketing efficiency. Photorealistic architectural rendering involves design planning, drafting, 3D modelling, and creation of rendered animations and walk-throughs. These services offer an in-depth analysis of an architectural project. The latest architectural 3D rendering software can provide high-quality outputs.

If you look at the example of the furniture industry, drawings and photographs are referenced to create 3D models that match the actual shape and size of the object. Photos from manufacturers are used as a visual reference and the overall dimensions are created in the absence of dimensioned drawings. Actual fabric swatches available are used to very closely match the specifications. The desired materials and finishes are applied or “mapped” to the 3D model at the appropriate scale and orientation. Images from an existing texture library may be modified to match what is intended. Specific RGB, Hexadecimal, Pantone color values can be reproduced within the 3D atmosphere.

Some of the most sought after photorealistic rendering services involve:

  • 3D Product rendering

  • 3D Interior and Exterior Rendering

  • Furniture and Fixtures Rendering

  • 360 Degree View /Virtual Tours

  • House Plan Rendering

  • Interactive Rendering

  • VR/AR objects

A professional creative production company like elCrepa has years of experience in the 3D services and industry specifically working on architectural, interior design, and product development projects. You can expect timely delivery, experienced resources, and value for money as well as establish a reliable partnership for future projects.

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