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Five reasons for choosing an external vendor for image editing

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Most of the image that you see online or print is either perfectly shot photograph or an expert retouching would have done his magic to make it look appealing. For Brands, it is extremely important to showcase the product as close to real both online as well as print/display media thus the industry of pre-media is growing successfully. Most of the major brands use an external vendor or print management companies to manage their Digital Assets and campaigns.

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1. Timing is great to experiment

One thing that the pandemic has taught us is to be resourceful and find ways to keep the business afloat under adverse circumstances . While it might take a while for normalcy to be established, this is probably the best time to create new partnerships and get things going. A vendor will give the flexibility to keep the customer risk free, and in the beginning of the relationship keep everything under a transactional agreement without long term commitment. However if all goes well you would have gained a trusted partner for the long term.

2. Rates are extremely competitive

Everybody talks about rates of service/hour and, of course, it's true that there is a saving of upwards of 40% and in quite a few cases it's even more than 80%. But it's not just the direct cost of services billed per hour or an FTE model that gives a customer the benefit, it's also the added overheads and man management that the customer need not be bothered with anymore. It's a simple in-out process and hence the cumulative cost saved is much more that what is apparent.

3. Quick transition and stabilization of process

It goes without saying that working with an offshore vendor has its challenges, most of which is driven by mere perception. Especially the teething troubles everybody anticipates with regards to communication and language is sometimes what prevents the potential customer to pull the plug. However, the availability and bench strength of the workforce makes it easier for the vendor to be swift, adaptable within a short period of time. Outsourcing of image services has matured overtime and communication, process, and quality have now stabilized to such an extent that there could be hardly any difference in working with an in-house team and an offshore vendor

4. Technology enabled service

Due to the various tools available to monitor and communicate effectively, the distance between the two parties has become insignificant and has no impact on the outcome. A 24/7 pattern of working to support global requirements has become the norm and real-time reporting and feedback system has now instilled great confidence in customers.

5. Security and ease of doing business

Security and intellectual property rights are given utmost priority. Through NDAs and SLAs the customer is assured of their rights and expectations are agreed in writing from the get go. Customer assets are handled with utmost care and made sure that there is no information or data breach from the vendor side. various checks and balances are in place and BCP is taken into account while embarking on any project.


elCrepa provides solutions for long-term cost effective outsourcing options for photo retouching and color correction services and have been serving global clients for many years with consistence quality and quick turn around time. You can choose to work on a project basis or hire a full-time resource who will work 40 hours every week exclusively for you, but at our offices and send you live reports of the progress as per your requirement.

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