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Creative Production Industry Trends 2021 - for the new normal

We can all agree that the creative industry in 2021 is very different from where it was a year ago.

It goes without saying that the pandemic was behind the change, and 2020 saw a paradigm shift in the way creative services were consumed by marketers; animation and CGI technology replaced photo shoots and the logistics associated with it, and virtual meetings have become the norm where creative ideas are brainstormed and campaigns are formulated. The global creative community was made to dig deep and that brought in a new era of originality, inventiveness, and of course opportunity.

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Remote working with efficiency and effectiveness

Remote working was not an unknown challenge for an industry which had its fair share of freelancers already plying their trade. However, the challenge of almost never meeting or hanging out with your colleagues for a long period of time and still keeping the team spirit alive was a challenge in itself. But once we accept this new normal it has also allowed creative people to express themselves fully and has enabled the exploration of more flexible, productive ways of working using new collaborative tools enabled by technology.

Putting Culture in marketing to stay relevant

Advertisers/Brands have realized the need to think culturally about what’s happening in the world and where and how their service or product can play a role. Finding the right cultural moment to take action is very important. Find the presence of the audience in the right setting and deliver your message using the right and, more importantly, innovative tools that acts as or substitute creative devices that may have run its course.

The shift from premium to practical

Premium is overrated. Re-evaluation of budgets and limitations has brought an essence of practical creativity. Practical and economical solutions have more takers than premium content. Advertisers and creative outfits have innovated smarter ways to do things and it's reflecting in the creative output. Marketers are looking for solution providers that give them the opportunity to be cost-effective but still solve the creative problem more effectively. brands and corporations have gone beyond their comfort zone and looked at methods that they have never thought of before. For instance some brands and corporations are more open to the idea of global sourcing without ever meeting face to face with the resource. They are more than willing to make do with the virtual meeting and tracking tools that are at their disposal to get things done.

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