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7 Questions to ask before taking the 3D CGI path

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

AR/VR/MR/XR and many more ‘Reality’ that are currently trending in technology and I am sure one would feel FOMO if he is not using any one of them in their marketing/ promotional/ sales activities.

AR/VR has been around for more than a decade but very few have skimmed the cream being the forefront runners.

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Many companies want to adapt/use and embed these new trends in their ecosystem but there are a lot of challenges to it. Here’s a list of 10 questions for you to ask before taking the plunge into the realm of 3D CGI

1. Objective/Goal - A clear well defined road map for the use of 3D modelling will help you make a decision to convert your existing product images/assets into 3D. If it is only to trial/test out the workflow - you can always use an external vendor or a freelance team to convert the assets into 3D.

2. Purpose of the project - Make sure the purpose is well-defined. If you have plans to try AR/VR/MR within 6 - 8 months, go towards 3D modelling the assets. If it is a one-off project, you can work with an external agency/vendor.

3. Value of the product - The value of the product is also a determining factor for 3D modelling. E.g., if the value of the product is less than $50, it's always better to photo-shoot and do post production. And yes, it depends on the sales volume also but sometimes the 3D modelling would be costlier.

4. Size of the product - Size is also one of the deciding factors. If the product is a table-top, this can be shot with a studio and post production. Yes, there are some exceptions in the case of consumer electronics.

5. Weight of the product - If the product is huge and needs to be transported to a different location, there is a cost involved.

6. Number of variants/SKU’s- number of variants/color/ SKU will also be a factor for 3D modelling. If one product has about 10 color variants, you will end up shooting 10 products instead you can have one color modelled and adapt to different color and variant. Automobiles are the best example for this.

7. Frequency of re-use of 3D assets - what is the frequency you are using the 3D models, is it quite frequent? If yes, then go for 3D modelling. Imagine you are using the renders in your social media, print medium, banners and emails.

Once you are able to come to a decision based on the above you can approach a professional services company like elCrePa to get the work done. You can expect timely delivery, experienced resources, and value for money as well as establish a reliable partnership for future projects.

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