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3D Rendering for Real Estate Marketing - Most Important Benefits

Technology has enabled marketing like never before. There are no realms of sales and marketing that the information technology boom has not impacted. If you are not using or considered 3D rendering for real estate marketing, consider it as a missed opportunity. This technology offers unique opportunities to showcase a real estate property, perfecting a design, and attracting new clients.

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1. Empowers your Customer Acquisition Journey : Experiential Marketing

Visually attractive 3D renders are uniquely positioned to attract customers. Using life-like or photorealistic 3D rendering as part of your marketing materials and advertising toolkit will help you garner more eyeballs. Potential clients can observe and appreciate your design and the dimensions and intricacies of a property. Especially with 360 degree videos the effect is more pronounced nowadays.

Brand Experience is one of the best "hooks" for marketing any product or service and it's even truer for real estate. A 3D render can transform the customer 's "experience" to a very real and impactful one. In fact, the experience is very close to an actual walkthrough with 360 degree videos and life-like (photorealistic) renders .

Sending these experiential "content" to your costumer will help them warm up to your brand sooner making your sales team's life much easier and thereby driving profits fast.

2. Presenting to customers becomes more transparent

During a presentation, potential clients can clearly visualize how furniture, design elements, and various features including theme and colour combination in the property will work in relation to each other. You will have the ability to address or anticipate customer mindset and ideas much more easily.

Accuracy in terms of colors and textures, as well as custom features can be depicted more succinctly without having to explain each and everything. It removes the guesswork as clients will know exactly what they are getting. Eliminating apprehensions with 3D renderings can be a very

3. Troubleshoot faster and more effectively

Clients want things a specific way. You can use 3D renders to ensure your customers that their project is exactly what they want.

Because of the precision in design that can be achieved through 3D renderings it paves the way to identify problems quickly and modify your designs swiftly. Instead of explaining verbally you have the option of pointing out flaws to your customer visually and addressing it. It's with good reason it's said that a picture can speak a thousand words.

Your construction team will also appreciate the use of A 3D render is also useful before starting demolition work or remodels. This can be advertised as something that can save your clients money and time. Nobody likes rework and if you can avoid it through 3D modelling what other selling poind would you need.

4. Speed and Version Comparisons

3D renders can be edited in real time unlike 2D blueprints . Making changes to a design is much easier. Updating your design or creating various versions for comparisons is something clients would prefer. Imagine having a picky but well-respected and good client in terms of revenue. What would you give to acquire such a client? You can send out versions of their design quickly, reducing the downtime between versions which allows the clients to compare options or see the progression in design, which may lead to customer delight. Sometimes these finer points of marketing and customer service prudence will help you close a deal of a lifetime!

5. Saving time and cost

As you know marking forms the crux of any business. With an outsourced 3D rendering service provider in place, you can direct more attention and funds to your marketing efforts by saving time in the design process. Renders can clearly represent the property in the details without having to go for photo shoots and even then spend more time on making it look good.

Any design process takes a considerable amount of time, but 3D rendering speeds up the process of design considerably. A 3D artist can complete a render much faster than a traditional blueprint or 2D mock-up.


elCrepa provides solutions for long-term cost effective outsourcing options for 3d rendering and has teams of professional and experienced artists at your disposal. Any 3D project is executed with utmost care given to quality, time-sensitiveness, and cost-effective methodology. You can choose to work on a project basis or hire a full-time resource who will work 40 hours every week exclusively for you, but at our offices and send you live reports of the progress as per your requirement.

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